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12. 17.What if I register on line and have not received my banding letter? Expressing an interest or bidding for a property simply means you are asking the housing association to consider you for a property. Who can apply? Up to 4 weeks rent in advance may be required to secure your tenancy, so it is advisable to save and prepare for this. You must notify North Tyneside Council’s Homefinder Team in writing of any change to your circumstances as changes may affect your banding and a property offer can be removed if it is based on inaccurate information, your application will be closed and you will need to re-apply using your previous login details, this can include moving home, someone moving in or out or any other change … 8. We’re here to help to find what sort of housing you could get. Reviews must be submitted in writing to the local authority that made the decision within 21 days of the date on the notification letter. How do I apply to the Homefinder Somerset register? However, if the advert included preferences or priorities these will be taken into account. When you are ready to complete an application you can use our online form (only use this link if you are a new applicant) but please read the information below before starting the application process so you are aware of what you will need to do. What types of property can I bid for? In some cases there may be age restrictions on a property, if this is the case it will be clearly shown on the property advert using the appropriate symbols. Work in the Homefinder Somerset area and the work is permanent, with a minimum of a 16 hour contract per week which has been in place for the previous 6 months and without a break in the period of employment for more than three months. If you use this service on a Monday or Tuesday you will incur call charges and will NOT hear any vacancy details. People registering on the Homefinder Somerset scheme are placed in either ‘gold’, ‘silver’ or ‘bronze’ banding – with those in gold banding having the most urgent need. If you have submitted a housing register form you will receive a banding letter confirming your banding, together with their application date and a personal reference number. If you'd like to know more please read our cookie policy. ... Q13 We propose to remove emergency banding where a surviving tenant needs to move from sheltered/adapted housing because the requirement for the specialist housing no longer exists. An error occured while processing your request, please try again. Minimum Age Are fleeing domestic violence and have been accepted as homeless by a Homefinder Somerset Local Authority Partner. If you move or your circumstances change you will need to login to the system and use the online change of circumstances form. It is important that you are ready to move. South  Somerset District Council Parish Areas. 9.If I am a tenant of a Registered Social Landlord (Housing Association) and I would like to transfer what should I do? You can find details about vacancies on the website via the property search function. Advertising cycles will always begin on Wednesday at 00.01am and close on the following Sunday at 11.59pm. If you have been awarded a Gold Priority Card banding for three months and you have turned down properties you are eligible for, we will seek to understand if the reasons for refusal are reasonable. For example, households accepted by a Homefinder Somerset Authority as unintentionally homeless and in priority need. The screen will look like this (please note that the login reference shown is for example purposes only, your login reference will be different to this). The remaining 8 respondents, 7%) thought they had an It is very important to keep us informed of changes, which affect your application. Original documents are not required. This will take you to the following screen: You will then need to complete the housing register application questions and submit the application. However, please note that if you have been guilty of anti-social behaviour or have a debt with your current or former landlord you may not receive a formal offer of accommodation even if you are top of the list. If you register online this will show once you have registered. The partnership also includes social landlords that have properties in Somerset. 10.How do I apply to the Homefinder Somerset register? 11.How long will it take to complete a form on line? Giving you the choice to see the properties that are available to rent and allowing you to make an informed decision about the one that is right for your needs and could be your next home. It is your responsibility to keep your contact details up to date. Expressions of interest do not have to be placed every week. Homefinder Somerset is how to apply and find available social housing in Somerset. All applicants are placed in one of four bands, Emergency, Gold, Silver and Bronze, depending on the circumstances of their household. Once you submit your online application and provide the required evidence the local authority will assess and activate your application. In order to complete your form you will need to provide mandatory evidence to the local authority that you have applied to. You need to request that your application is closed so that you can then reapply using your new details.

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